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Three or four eggs are typically laid at intervals of about 56 hours.Incubation proper does not usually start until the 3rd egg has been laid.You may click here to make an on-line donation to St Michael’s via BT My Donate – costs for live streaming and internet connection are about £2 per day, £360 over the season.

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It takes about 30-34 days before hatching, which usually occurs over just 1-2 days.

Early in June, at 6 weeks old, the young are nearly as large as the adults and fledge the nest box to take their first flights.

The Peregrine Project at St Michael’s broadcasts live camera footage from right inside the Peregrines’ nest box and shares this with the public at large.

The Project is led by Nick Dixon working with Jason Fathers of Wildlife Windows. Egg-laying usually takes place here in the week or so after the Spring Equinox, 20-29 March, a little later than some other sites.

The presenter concentrated on peregrine on buzzard attacks when the adults were protecting their territory during fledging of the juveniles back in June.

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