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by  |  23-Jan-2018 15:22

It's not because high earnings bloggers have a lot of Twitter followers that buying Twitter followers will help you earn more money.​This study simply highlights the characteristics of highly profitable blogs.

If you want to learn more about correlation vs causation, check this video out.

But the weak correlation​ shows that traffic is not everything and many lower traffic bloggers make a lot more than high traffic bloggers.

When non internet marketing people first hear about bloggers making thousands of dollars monthly, their first reaction usually "huh? As you can see from the graph above, they tend to be VERY profitable compared to most brick and mortar businesses.

For the bloggers analysed, $1 spent on their business yields $4.93 on average. To give you a comparison point, normal Brick and mortar businesses have an average gross profit margin of 10-53% according to com.

This means that if you're looking to get into this industry, realistic expectations should be set with the ​median income (see section above) and not the average income because the outliers push it up really hard.

John's entrepreneurship focused website, 'Entrepreneur On Fire' has lived up to its name - within 3 years of launching, it grossed over $3.7M with $2.8M in pure profits.

Because the costs are usually not broken down per area in most income reports and because most bloggers run multiple business models on top of each other, we've grouped them depending on their main source of income and looked at their profitability.

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