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Jack went through some terrible experiences while under fire in the desert war and his health was so severely damaged that, after a long spell in military hospital, he was invalided out with a pension.

He became the first general secretary of the Springbok Legion, and from this time onwards his life was devoted to the task of mobilising and organising his fellow citizens for political action.

So long as the bosses controlled state power, the workers would always be out manoeuvred.

The workers` struggle must be carried over into the political field so that they, the overwhelming majority of the population, could exercise power in the interests of the whole people.

Welensky`s desertion taught Jack Hodgson that trade union action alone could never secure for the workers the rights and opportunities they were demanding.

The experiences of life demonstrated the shortcomings of syndicalism and economism.

His total dedication to the liberation of our people and his refusal to give up under any circumstances gave confidence and inspiration to all those who knew and worked with him.

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