Microsoft feeds msnbc news not updating

by  |  24-Jan-2018 13:24

The RSS Platform will also introduce an updated User-Agent string for use with the IE8 beta.For details on the RSS Platform User-Agent string in IE7 please take a look…

microsoft feeds msnbc news not updating-5

Microsoft feeds msnbc news not updating

Click the "RSS Feeds" folder to display a list of subscribed RSS news feeds.

Click and highlight the MSNBC RSS news feed folders. Click the "Yes" button in the confirmation dialog box.

Repeat this step for each MSNBC feed that you want to delete.

On the IE blog, Eric Lawrence presented the User-Agent string for the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 which will be available later this year.

This is because the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system synchronizes feeds between the Internet Explorer Web browser and Microsoft Outlook email program.

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