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Before, he later married his assistant Kelly Rector in 1986 until 2006.Stepping out with his reported new lover, Calvin previously broke things off with former beau Nick Gruber in January 2012 after two years.

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In an interview with Real Screen earlier this month, Schultz credited his collaboration with La Plante and VP of development Josh Spangler for Lighthearted's continued success and banner 2014."Obviously everything that has happened from that relationship is sort of the secret sauce," Schultz said. And we knew from the development conversation internally that we couldn't go that way and we wouldn't go that way because that would have had a real backlash.

I'm lucky to be among those carrying on his legacy. He will be sorely missed.", which has been renewed for a second season."Beyond Howard's incredible television acumen existed a man who truly cared for everyone he encountered in a way unique from anyone I have ever met," said Rob La Plante, executive VP turned co-owner of Lighthearted, told , to VH1 and it will premiere in summer 2015. I think a lot of it is I was finally willing to give the company away and let other people contribute in very powerful ways, which I had not done for a number of years."Asked about the built-in controversy of bringing a show such as to TV, he told Real Screen, "We recognized from the outset that it could easily fall into being tawdry and cheesy.

Yet Calvin Klein, 74, managed to take some much-needed R&R from managing his global fashion empire alongside his male model muse Kevin Baker, 29, as he landed in The Hamptons by helicopter from New York City on Sunday.

The acclaimed designer sported a casual ensemble for his day of travel in a monochrome themed look with Kevin - who were spotted holding hands after they arrived together at the American Ballet Theatre in March.

The initial dater and a friend introduce themselves and the friend sits in a recreational vehicle (RV) where they can monitor the date.

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