usan porn site on mobile - My avg 8 0 is not updating

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AVG antivirus is the extremely normal utility programming utilized by a large number of clients to shield their PCs and portable PCs from infection and malwares.It is utility programming which give protect to PCs against numerous all unsafe digital dangers.Keeping your computer up to date is important – not only from the view point of fixing minor glitches or bugs, getting new features but also that they are a shield to protect your computer from cyber crimes as they mend security loopholes as well.

I have the free AVG v8.1.00 software and it's telling me that my anti-virus and anti-spyware databases are outdated but when I try to update them it tells me that there is no update file to be found. I know I should migrate to the paid-for version but I just wondered if any other avg users were having similar probs.

AVG eventually stopped updating reliably on both of my desktops, I sacked it in favour of Avast, which is also free for home use but has never given me trouble.

It gives finish defend to the gadgets thus that PC can work securely and safely.

Truth be told it likewise gives assurance against record infectors, framework infectors and full scale infections.

Only pisser with that is there's no auto-scheduler unless you buy the full version.

My avg 8 0 is not updating

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