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It's not a secret that all people aspire to love and be loved, dream to meet a person who will be a friend and support in any situation, who will paint life in bright colors, and who will present sincere feelings.

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There’s about fifty years of clutter to organize and throw out.”“How are you getting there? Some days later Angela and I were out shopping together. And of course, the plan for him to stay and keep Angela company in Brad’s absence, with Brad’s and my approval, no less, won him over. The thought of being alone with Brad brought butterflies to my stomach. Brad found a replacement and installed it.”“I know. You see, I have good ideas once in a while.”“You do. I hate sleeping in the house all alone.”“You mean you didn’t sleep alone? And likewise, nothing happened.”“I hope you don’t have to drag him again. It would be better for him to sate them with Angela, my best friend, than with some homewrecker. You deserve a respectful lover.”“And you deserve a passionate one,” I said to my husband. The humid Washington air made his scrotum supple and his testicles drooped elegantly. I lifted them one at a time and toyed with them, assessing their weight and shape. Brad was bigger than Scott; at home I could take Scott all in.

” asked Brad.“I’m driving.”“That’s a long drive, Michelle. Going away with my best friend’s husband for three weeks? I broached the subject.“Angela, you said something the other night that has remained on my mind.”“What was that? I thought racy thoughts, but also harbored apprehension. Being an old friend and a perfect gentleman, he made no assumptions and got no ideas. I’d be ashamed if my man is too shy to share a bed with a woman,” Angela said through a laugh.“I would be, too,” I agreed.“I know you have a lot of work to do starting tomorrow,” Angela said. Take advantage of him,” she added cryptically.“Enjoy Scott’s company as well,” I added just as cryptically, not totally confident that I meant it. I mounted Brad and slowly settled on him, taking him all in. Despite my considerable attempts, I was unable to accommodate Brad’s full length.

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