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have begun the long and arduous process of making the site's many pages compatible with mobile browsers.

In their mid-to-late 2000s heyday, even the best Flash games were little more than harmless curios, often shamelessly derivative of other popular games and hampered by their own simplicity.

Meet the One-Man Team Behind Indie Hit ' Pinstripe' Thomas Brush, who created 'Pinstripe' alone over the course of five years, felt 'invincible' when his Kickstarter contributions started rolling in But for those of us who couldn't afford or couldn't bother to build a nuclear-grade PC to sample the likes of Half-Life 2, Flash games offered an enticing alternative.

"We had dial-up Internet, and it came with some free hosting space," he says.

"I had previously used the name for a Neo-Geo fanzine, so I called it New Ground Remix. Back then, it was exciting to put something on the Web.

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