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Q: Nick, social networking has become such a big part of promotion for all different kinds of TV shows and movies.

Meaghan: I like to bake, read Harry Potter, obsess over Harry Potter in many ways, especially now that the theme park is opening at Universal Studios and I’m going to scream of sheer excitement. It’s also fun and I think, in a way, it’s helped me to get to know myself better.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been working on it for over a year now. Q: Meaghan, I was wondering, what about your role continues to challenge you?

I thought, “Okay, well, maybe they just mixed up my papers with somebody else’s or something.”I went back in and I was with Carter Covington, our creator, and Gil Junger, the director of the pilot and a lot of our episodes, and Gil said to me after my performance, “Where did you come from? ” I ended up getting the part, and it’s just been such a growing process and I’ve made so many friends. In the next ten, there’s a talent show episode where Dana Davis, who plays Chastity, and I sing a duet together.

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