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Henry Burton (Scott Foley) Henry was a frequent patient at the hospital because he had a medical condition.

But the tan little poodle puppy is practically in the same spot, protective and loyal, jumping from her basket to Nora’s lap and back.

Ellie has been blind since birth – Nora got her when she was just one – but both girls have found perfect living symbiosis. She’s super tough – absolutely fearless- it’s very inspiring.

When I answer a regretful “no” and scurry to offer help, I see Nora hunched over a make-up drawer. ” she looks up in puzzled but bewildered amusement. ” she asks pointing at her long mascara-less lashes. ” I assure her nothing is the matter with her face. Her chestnut pixie cut has grown out but the wavy new locks make her look even younger. She’s 32-years old now but to me, and to many others, she’s still the adorable, dewy-faced, rosy-cheeked teenager we saw in Brick and Princess Ithaca.

I hear feverish rattling and shuffling noises coming from the tiny bathroom.

Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and quickly deteriorated.

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