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If either of these assumptions is not true for a particular user, clicking the Delete button will immediately cause a postback (not displaying a confirmation message box).

Start by adding a Form View to the Confirmation On page in the Edit Insert Delete folder, binding it to a new Object Data Source that pulls back the product information via the Products BLL class's Get Products() method.

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If a user accidentally clicks the Delete button when they meant to click Edit, the record they meant to update will instead be deleted.

To help prevent this, in this tutorial, we'll add a client-side confirmation dialog box that appears when the Delete button is clicked.

Introduction Step 1: Creating a Form View that Supports Deletion Step 2: Calling the confirm(string) Function from the Client-Side onclick Event of a Delete Button Step 3: Configuring the On Client Click Property for the Delete Button in a Command Field Using Template Fields Conclusion Over the past several tutorials, we've seen how to use our application architecture, Object Data Source, and the data Web controls in concert to provide inserting, editing, and deleting capabilities.

The deleting interfaces we've examined thus far have been composed of a Delete button that, when clicked, causes a postback and invokes the Object Data Source's Delete() method.

Consult Using Java Script's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission for more information on this technique.

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