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According to the prosecutor's investigation, before the attack, the trio had exchanged messages in a chat group called Garage Swastika. Burger reportedly bragged that she'd taught her two-year-old son how to say "Heil Hitler!" Lemke had SS symbols from Nazi times tattooed on his left breast and right forearm. Racism - black, white." The difference, he said, is how a government chooses to react to that racism when it turns violent. "In Pakistan there was no protection." One afternoon inside the Hanover apartment to which his family was relocated after the attack, Khan switched the TV channel from the German language cartoons his two children were watching to a Pakistani news broadcast.In the apartment next door, an asylum seeker from Pakistan who calls himself Mr Khan heard nothing.

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Part 1: Revisiting Germany's xenophobic Rostock riots of 1992 Part years as a Mozambican immigrant in Germany Part 3: The 2015 murder of a four-year-old refugee in Berlin Part 4: Clausnitz: When a mob awaited refugees in a German town Part 5: Escaping Aleppo only to encounter violence in Germany Part 6: Rejected asylum: From Karachi to Germany and back again Part 7: Dresden's welcome cafes for refugees Salzhemmendorf, Germany - Late one summer night in this quiet village, a Molotov cocktail came flying through the window of the apartment where a Zimbabwean refugee and her three young children lived.

The building was still being used as a shelter for asylum seekers from around the globe.

Dark-haired and heavyset with a thick moustache, Khan pointed out the window through which the homemade bomb had been thrown.

Outside, "I heard the sound of the fire brigade," Khan said.

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