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Pointing to Michel Foucault’s repressive hypothesis, Ryan believes that social context helps explain the popularity of apps like Tinder.“The idea is that the more you try to hold something down, the more you make people curious about it,” Ryan explained. We still talk about ‘Victorian Ideals’ as being these repressive sexual ideals, but in reality, there were all sorts of things being discussed at that time more than ever before.

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Now, a new bill criminalising same-sex relationships is being proposed which, if passed by Egyptian Parliament, could see individuals sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

Tell Egypt to reject the bill and end the crackdown on Egypt's LGBTI community.

The crackdown on the LGBTI community in Egypt is still going strong.

A total of 49 have now been sentenced for 'debauchery' - with more still in detention.

She faces charges of “habitual debauchery,” “inciting debauchery”, “promoting sexual deviance” and “belonging to a banned group”.

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