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Known only as Deep Throat until 2005, Felt was Associate Director of the FBI, the number-two job in the Bureau, when he leaked information about President Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal.The EEC revealed his name during the resulting investigation and Adams was arrested for industrial espionage by the Swiss government and spent six months in jail.

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Silkwood became an activist in the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union in order to protest health and safety issues. The three engineers gained the attention of journalists and their disclosures about the threats of nuclear power had a significant impact.

In 1974, she testified to the United States Atomic Energy Commission about her concerns. They timed their statements to coincide with their resignations from responsible positions in General Electric's nuclear energy division, and later established themselves as consultants on the nuclear power industry for state governments, federal agencies, and overseas governments.

He fought for ten years to clear his name and receive compensation from the EEC.

for exposing to Congress the tidal wave of cost overruns associated with Lockheed's C-5A cargo plane.

The 1983 film Silkwood is an account of this story. The consulting firm they formed, MHB Technical Associates, was technical advisor for the movie, The China Syndrome.

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