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The 1966 version of the song referred to Brian Epstein, who was the mastermind behind the death clues. Epstein can do will keep me here with you.” With Ringo and George not willing to “die” for the good of the group, it came down to John and Paul, with both thinking it would be fab to be “dead.” Paul recalls, “John wanted to be the dead Beatle, but this time I didn’t cave in to John like I did on the songwriter credits.

I thought it should be me because I was the second most popular Beatle.

So Brian sent Capitol the butcher photo, knowing that it might ultimately be rejected, but at least it would deflect attention away from the provocative coffin trunk cover.

The plan worked to perfection with the Butcher cover causing so much controversy that when it was “replaced” by the trunk cover, no one noticed it showed Paul lying in a coffin!

He said, ‘Being painted red in a movie is one thing, but pretending to be dead’s another. Those clues might make it happen.’ Brian was disappointed because he knew Ringo was the most sympathetic Beatle.

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