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I met some interesting people, got a different perspective on the effects of colonialism and learned a lot of French and a little Rwandan. She told me about the novelty of being the single teacher in a country school before moving to a high school run by nuns in Midland, Ontario.

I described what it was like living a remote African country.

These days one might ask for a transfer to another parish but that wasn’t done in the Sixties; volunteering for missionary work, however, was encouraged and though I didn’t know anything much about Rwanda except that they spoke French and produced exotic postage stamps, it seemed a exciting challenge (it just happens to be also the setting of my next novel).

Five years in a remote part of a very undeveloped African country was quite an experience.

Then as the reason became apparent – they were using the pill because it was out of the question they should have more children – I found myself arguing forcefully how artificial contraception was contrary to Church teaching because it was a deliberate thwarting of the natural function of sex.

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