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– A federal grand jury has charged JUSTIN LANE FOUST, 41, of Sulphur, Oklahoma, with defrauding Chesapeake Energy of more than million through fraudulent invoices, announced Mark A. The indictment alleges that Chesapeake Operating contracted with Platinum Express primarily to transport waste water to disposal facilities in western Oklahoma.

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Predating invoices

(See 10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business, for instance.)Invoices are even easier to do if you use accounting software.

Accounting software designed for small businesses can not only be used as POS (Point of Sale) systems and print out invoices on the spot, but make it easier to calculate and keep track of taxes, such as the GST/HST.

According to the indictment, he either forged or electronically copied and pasted the signature and employee identification number of certain Chesapeake Operating employees to ensure that Chesapeake Operating’s accounting department would process the invoices.

He further caused these work tickets and invoices to be submitted through interstate wire communications to Oildex, the Denver, Colorado, company that processed the claims on behalf of Chesapeake Operating.

Accounting software packages allow you to easily customize the invoice format, including adding your own business logo.

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