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Cotes d'coute BBM: semaine du 10 au 16 septembre 2012 - TVQC | TVQC Note that stuff like Masterchef, Big Brother, The Voice, Hell's Kitchen, etc. I will chime in a bit later with the Quebec TV shows that I think are worth watching - some of them may not be on the top-rated list though. Does not appear in the top ratings because its season had not started yet. A talk show with newsmakers, where guests from all walks of life (politics, sports, arts, activism, etc.) interact with each other around a glass of wine.

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"Consumers who call us after being victimized in these scams …

the money they’ve lost, even when it’s in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, pales in comparison to the emotional devastation they’ve gone through," he said.

Also, from my OP of the "reality show cliches" topic: 1.

These are common in American "reality TV" (from the TV thread): Overused statements.

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Quebec dating show

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