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After all, such is his lustre, he now outshines most of the show's official stars. That way he could team up with lovely Erin Boag, his professional dance partner - and win! After all, charming, chivalrous Anton has never had a turn in the final. As she came towards me, she walked in a perfect straight line. I was very pleased because I haven't had that for a while,' he says.

Invariably partnered with the 'older ladies', he has piloted them graciously through the early rounds, then been knocked out. 'I've got about 14 different show dances spinning around in my head. There have been significant changes to format and line-up for this series, the seventh, of the hit BBC1 show.

Anton has always remained studiously silent on the subject of his women friends. 'He wanted to wear taffeta but I persuaded him to settle for a suit with a silk hankie in his pocket made out of the same material as the bridesmaids' dresses.' Erin says she and Anton are like husband and wife: 'We know each other inside out and trust each other absolutely.

There's never been a romance but we're like a married couple.

Erin generally gets the sportsmen (if you count snooker player Willie Thorne as such).

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