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“Remember what it was like to actually interact with another human, before the days of swiping and social media?

” mention in this particular tidbit is a necessary caveat about how you approach this attractive stranger.

Sometimes the best way to get through heartbreak is to laugh about it.

Let’s just say I remember once after getting bruuuuuutally dumped, that I told my friend that I was “too sad to floss,” which ended up just making us laugh until we cried. And, AND, let’s not forget that Leslie Knope eventually finds fantastic love with Ben, and all of those frogs became distant memories.

I remember when I went through an especially brutal breakup, I decided to sign up for guitar lessons as a way to keep my mind off of things. Because I can do every single thing that a person in a relationship can. As far as I can tell, an unhappy single person will be an unhappy married person 3.

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