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Do you run to the pharmacy for a cough medicine that may or may not help?

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That wasn’t quite the end, though, because a modified Firewater was available for a few years from the St John’s Pharmacy in Weymouth.

Because of the change in pharmacy regulations, people needed to persuade their doctor to issue a private prescription if they wanted the medicine; this severely affected sales and by 2009 production finally ceased.

The story begins in the 1950s when Ken Fudge moved from London to Bridport to open his pharmacy in West Allington, next door to Balsons Butchers.

For Mr Fudge, trained in London but born in Blandford, this was something of a return to his roots.

Unconventional uses of Fudge’s Firewater The medicine was also a voice-saver for some professional singers and I heard about one well-known entertainer who would regularly send a friend to buy Firewater from Mr Morrish to help lubricate her vocal cords.

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