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Typical of countries with colder climates, Russian cuisine can be quite heavy and fat-laden.

Potatoes, cabbage and grains– crops that can withstand harsh rural climates – are the cornerstone of most dishes.

There are rules for everything from how to eat, to how to greet others, to even how many flowers you should give as a gift (never an even number – that’s reserved for funerals).

Fiercely proud (and vocal) of their contributions to the arts and sciences – brush up on your Tolstoy and Chekov before your visit and you’ll be sure to make a friend or two during your stay.

Women are perceived to be the “prettier sex” and are expected to always look their best.

Taking care of their family is their primary responsibility.

So whether you want to browse masterpieces by van Gogh at the Hermitage, marvel at the colours of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square or share a vodka toast with some locals at a hip St Petersburg bar, Russia is calling.

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