Russell brand now dating

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He has been sober for 11 years.“I look to solve inner problems with external things,” he explained.

”I'll use anything to stop myself feeling, and as a little kid I was very lonely and confused.“Anything that could temporarily relieve that, I was very grateful for.

Gushing over his newfound love, Brand says: "The bond between my partner and I is based on something that is very earthed. He added: "When I'm talking to her, I'm very plainly chatting. Not something that's going to break apart and be nothing.

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’”Brand has voiced his views on Hoffman’s untimely death before in February – describing his passing as “inevitable”.

He has previously pleaded to the United Nations and to the British government to change prohibitive drug laws, which he believes only lead to “death, suffering and crime”.“Addiction is a mental illness around which there is a great deal of confusion, which is hugely exacerbated by the laws that criminalise drug addicts,” he wrote.“If drugs are illegal people who use drugs are criminals.

Comedian Russell Brand has opened up about his ill-fated marriage to pop star Katy Perry.

In a candid interview with John Bishop, the 41-year-old says fame contributed to the end of their relationship while expressing his joy at becoming a first-time father.

Next he became “infatuated with pornography”, before discovering drugs.

Russell brand now dating

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