Ryan lochte dating history

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From there he went to the University of Florida and swam for their Florida Gators team scooping up medals and smashing records.

He went to his first Olympics in Athens where he took gold in the 4x200 freestyle relay and a silver in the 200m individual medley.

But as Lochte now resides safely back in the USA with extradition extremely unlikely The Sun asks who is this bad boy of Olympic swimming?

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Holler, who lives in London, had only recently been introduced to viewers of the show during an early May episode in which she visited Lochte's Florida home.

Thanks to the couple's busy schedules and the many miles between them, the pair only got to meet in person a few times a year.

His father Steve used to send him to the showers when he messed about and once said "he spent more time in the showers than he did in the pool".

But Ryan was spurred into action at the age of 14 when he lost at the Junior Olympics when he decided he was "sick of losing".

His early years were spent in in the nearby town of Canandaigua, New York but they soon moved to Florida with his four siblings so his dad could pursue a career as a swimming coach.

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