who is cheryl miller dating - Salman khan dating

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Is this real or Salman is just a ladder for her dooming career!

After Urvashi Rautela is seen making rounds of Salman Khan’s Galaxy residence, gossip mills churned that Salman Khan is seeing former beauty queen and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela.

We often saw Iulia paying him visits at his Galaxy apartment and she even accompanied him to the sets of ‘Tubelight’.

They have very different body types," she made an interesting comment on their body types. "He was always protective, but at times too possessive of his girlfriend. he had issues with the way she dressed, her roles...

While the actress reportedly dated filmmaker Sajid Khan for three years, Jacqueline is now single, but also very bored.

It was also reported, that the senior star came to her rescue when she had to remark on a particular performance in Hindi.

And their crackling off-screen chemistry was what triggered dating rumours.

Now, this statement questions Salman Khan's heart-warming gesture on a TV show, ahead of their blockbuster release "Kick", when he addressed the actress as JFK (K for 'Khan').

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