Sarah barthel dating

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Snowboarder Shaun White may be dominating at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but his rocker girlfriend, Sarah Barthel, has some star power of her own.

White said he and Barthel “just bumped backstage and became friends, and then over time it kind of turned into something.” The pair now live together in the Los Angeles area.

And White said that although he and Bartel have a lot in common, their differences make them the perfect couple.

“So proud of you @shaunwhite ❤ You deserve it more than anyone else on this earth,” Barthel wrote in a recent Instagram post. She was that person in everybody’s life who was a shining star,” Barthel told . And she was f—— hilarious.” Barthel honored her late sister in an Instagram post last month, sharing an old photo of herself and Becky playing as children. “I’m growing through this process with the help of therapy, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t blame myself, and the other people in her life, too. Suicide is so hard to understand.” Barthel has taken dog-lover to a whole new level.

“You are a hero to us all ❤ #olympics #shaunwhite.” She added on Twitter: “That’s my boyfriend and he makes me so proud💋.” Barthel also also stuck by him during the sexual harassment allegations that have plagued White’s most recent Olympics stint. In a candid interview with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Barthel said that Becky suffered from depression and anxiety “her entire life.” Barthel added that her sister eventually turned to alcohol and “attempted suicide a couple of times.” “Nobody should ever feel responsible for a suicide death … She’s the (very) proud owner of a little pooch and even set up an Instagram account for the pup called “Leroythegoodboy.” She seems to take the dog with her almost everywhere, and the animal’s Instagram account is filled with photos of him posing with stars like Miley Cyrus, Big Boi, Rita Ora, Chance the Rapper and more. “Being on tour is not easy — you forget about the normal world because you’re in this strangle bubble where things can just stress you out, depress you. They can breathe.” She adds: “I say he’s my dog, but he’s really everybody’s dog. He calms us down, mellows the mood out if someone’s in a bad mood or nervous … He does his part and you don’t realize it.” Along with both being musicians, Barthel and White both love snowboarding.

And I thought I traveled a lot — man, musicians, it’s rough,” White told PEOPLE.

Sarah barthel dating

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