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(A nice touch oft neglected in RPGS.-MM-) Many of the characters also change during your adventure. J., grows not only as a wizard but also as a person. Yes, all the RPG elements we would expect are present. It can seem excessive at times, yet that if often the curse of old skool RPGS. Unlike many old skool RPGS the monsters are animated!

Not to be out done, the villains of Vay are also well written. Others abound but I would hate to spoil it for you. To be honest it does not bother me that much, but some will hate it.

Some of those games are random, not-really-Genesis shovelware.

Others are Sega Master System or Game Gear titles, thrown into the mix.

If that actually works, then this could double as an HDMI-equipped way to play old games, maybe like a less expensive Analogue NT Mini. How about Toejam and Earl, Thunder Force II, Strider or Gunstar Heroes?

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