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Till day I use thing why this married ladies go and get sex with other persons with I have read in the stories but now I came to know that they also have the feel like us. Both need each other very much but afraid of what would mother think that his own son is having a intension of sex with her mom. And his son is willing to pond the same pussy wear he took birth. One afternoon as I was masturbating in my toilet, my mother came to my room to check mails in PC. We both had our dinner I finished quickly so that I can leave the place soon.

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GIRL: Apni Ungli Meri CHUUT Me Dalo, 2nd bhi dalo, Ab pura Hath Dalo,2nd bhi Dal do. Sardar:ye le Sardarni:meri jeans utar Sardar:ye le Sardarni: khabardar agli bar mere kapde pehne he to Posted 01-January-2009: Dulhe ne Dulhan ki ankh ko chuma Wif-Ye kya Hus-Ankh Zindgi ki kitab he Wf-Bhosdike, Niche choot m aag lagi he or tu kitab me ghus Lalu Bipasha Ko Cycle Ke Aage Baitha Liya Wo Boli: Muje Dekh K Tumhe Kuch Nhi Hota, Lalu: Ye Ladies Cycle Hai Tuje Pata He Tu Kis Pe Bethi He Teachar-Kabir Ka Doha Sunao. Door gaon mein ek basti thi, Wahan ki ladkiyan bahut sasti thi, Unki ga#d mein itni masti thi, Jitna dalo utna hasti thi., But why r u smilig? Girl:would u be happy,when u will have to smell the flower after covering it with polythene? Jise sahara do wahi gand mar leta h 3 Jin ke pas hai woh hath mein lekar hilate hai, Jin ke paas nahi hai who ungli daal kar hilate hai. Biwi-Kya Kahu Kutte Ne Dono Surakh Sil Diye Or Pucha or Kaha Kaha Se Fati H Women: Dr.sahab mujhe thode din bacha nhi chahiye…

LADKI: Abe Gadhe tumhe pata chale k koi dur lejakr teri GAND aur CHUUT marega to tu Hsega kya.. G: Dekha meri CHUUT kitni TIT h Sardarni:mera top utar! 1 pathan MEDICAL STORE par CONDOM lene gyapar naam hi bhul gya Usne apna [email protected] TABLE pe rakha or kahao yara iska COVER de do. Mochi Ki Biwi Se Uski Saheli Ne Pucha-Kal Suhag Rat Kaisi Gujri.?

As she wakes me up in the morning at 7.00 daily with a bed coffee.

I use to wear my lungi during night but till days I use to wear my underwear also so I decided to remove my underwear and let my lungi to go by side and exposed my cock halfly to she her reaction. So I peeped through the keyhole I was shocked to see my mom.

I even think this story and started masturbating daily at night. It made me habit that with out masturbating I cant sleep. Till now I don't get any feeling about my mother, as she too is a married women. As my mother too starve for sex as my father was in gulf and use to come in one-month leave in every year. So he brought the computer with Internet connection also. I have read lots of mother incest stories in this period still then I never had any bad intension.

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