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This was just one of the few questions that the Malayalam actress raised in her compelling 14-minute speech. But when I look back I see a line of women who did not ask these questions in all these situations: my mom who never got any fish fries, my teacher who never really got a similar platform because of her gender, my yesteryear colleagues for whom the unfairness had become just a way of life. When I walked into this film industry I was greeted with words like shelf-life, adjust, compromise, smile more. That’s why we have about 150 actresses coming into the industry every other year to act opposite ten male actors in the industry. In spite of knowing all the consequences of going ahead and pressing charges for herself, she demanded for the justice that she deserved.

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When you are working in their movie, to this day they ensure that true art is made in every possible way.

This profession gives you so much of love and support from everybody around you.

For the first time in this country, 20 women from different walks of cinema come together and ask these uncomfortable questions on behalf of everybody who want to ask these questions, and formed the women in cinema collective.

We are at a very important crossroads in our lives.

We are told that we have absolutely no value when it comes to satellite rights, that is when they sell a movie to a television house, and also play any part in box office collections.

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