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Any dog or cat may be exempt from the requirement of such vaccination for a specified period of time by the Health Department upon presentation of a veterinarian's certificate stating that because of an infirmity or other physical condition or regimen of therapy, the inoculation of such animal shall be deemed inadvisable. No person shall suffer, permit or allow any animal to injure or damage or soil or defile any lawn or shrubbery or flowers or grounds, or any property, either public or private, of any person other than that of its owner. -17 through -35 et seq.) and the amendments and supplements thereto, pertaining to vicious and potentially dangerous dogs, are hereby adopted, enacted and incorporated herein.

The Duties of the Animal Control Officer shall be the enforcement of the measures and provisions for the control of the animal contained in N. No person shall keep or harbor or suffer the keeping or harboring within the limits of the Borough of Chatham any dog or cat of licensing age without first obtaining a license therefor to be issued by the Health Department of the Borough of Chatham upon application by the owner or some person on behalf of the owner and payment of the prescribed fee, and no person shall keep or harbor any dog or cat in the Borough except in compliance with the provisions for the control of animals contained in N. The person applying for license and registration tag shall pay the fee fixed or authorized.

The fee for renewal of license and registration tag shall be the same as for the original and said license, registration tag and renewal thereof shall expire on January 31 in the following year.

No person shall make use of, or have in his possession or under his control, a stolen, counterfeit or forged dog or cat license receipt, animal license registration tag or rabies vaccination certification or other forms issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

Any person applying for a dog or cat license for a neutered dog or cat must present to the licensing agent a veterinarian's certification that said animal of reproductive age has had its reproductive capacity permanently altered through sterilization.

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