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Im super-proud of the work she did for us for almost a year now. I cant write about them, but she totally understands what Im talking about.Next to me, shes probably one of the fastest at assimilating information for exportation (from her pen to your eyes). When I say shes like one of my own kids, I mean it and she has been. Breeann (AKA Bree) comes to us as green as green can be.Jess is going to the Grade School to work as a Para.

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This stuff was on its 5th day by the time she needed to get out of the toxic relationship. By Sunday morning, I was feeling like I was over the hump. Seriously, I thought about how cute Breeann was as a little girl always wanting to watch Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. If not understood, on the outside, it looks like a cluster of unorganized chaos.

I wasnt really ready to go to church or back to work, but I could at least bend over and pick up my own tissues off the floor. All of it has purpose for fairness and accountability for each side, whether it be for the plaintiff or the defendant.

I havent talked to him about it, but I bet he went out with some buddies and bought himself a drink because thats sort of what Navy and Marine guys do. He spent his last birthday in training in South Carolina preparing to head to North Carolina for 14 weeks of Marine Combat Training. As a dad, I wanted to be the one to buy him his first drink, but weve known for sometime that this would not be possible. Nick and I cant even meet half way for that first beer.

I remember buying Joey his first beer on his birthday. Half way would be somewhere off the coast of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean. I know that I didnt buy any of my kids their first drink, but I wish I could have ceremonially at least. Thats how I felt while suffering through the latest plague to strike our area.

But seriously folks, Jess has been great to work with and I wish her the best of luck! I dont expect her to get a Pulitzer anytime soon, but with some practice, shes going to be a great addition to The Gyp Hill Premiere. Along with Bree, we get our Granddaughter Baylee for half the day in the office.

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