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by  |  10-Feb-2018 23:28

Although Olivier is NOT seeking new students at the moment, if you are a celebrity and would endorse French Today, please contact Olivier to see if he could fit you in. For the more advanced students looking to perfect their conversation skills in French, Olivier will converse with you about pretty much any subject.Native French speaker who lived on 3 continents, Olivier also speaks English, Spanish, and Greek and he is a “natural” when it comes to engaging people in conversation, correcting their mistakes and challenging them with new vocabulary and expressions.Even just once a week will help you to make real progress in French.

If you are interested in French lessons by Skype contact Sabrina with your availability (FRANCE time please – indicate your goals and current French level).

American born, David’s lifelong passion has been to master French, Spanish and Chinese languages and accents.

He is an accomplished cook, a photographer, a TV/Movie buff and has had multiple careers in the media and tech industry so he has a wealth of experiences to talk about.

Lately, Olivier has cut back on his French Skype lessons to be able to focus on developing French Today’s website and ensuring customer full satisfaction.

Although the lessons will provide solid grammatical foundations, David understands many students priority is to quickly communicate in French and he will make sure you’ll get plenty of practice.

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