Video chats moo - Single parents dating again

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She adds that you, the single parent, should hold off allowing your date to meet the child until the relationship has taken a serious turn.Once this meeting has taken place, you should be adamant about staying the main disciplinarian in the child's life."Good parents are flexible, patient and understanding of change," stresses Boyd, "qualities considered to be assets in any healthy relationship.

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Having a single parent as a partner is something that Gena Banks, 35, a registered nurse from Las Vegas, would have never considered at one time.

"I would prefer not to date someone with kids, but I'm becoming more open-minded," she says.

"The reality is that when you date someone who has children, you're dating someone who has responsibility.

For you, the single parent, Boyd offers the tip that when you go back on the dating scene, like Harris, be upfront with potential mates about the children you have.

Now the tables have turned and Harris is the single parent in the dating game."I make sure that women understand that even though those are not biologically my kids, they are my children and I have a financial and emotional obligation to them.

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