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The area west of the palace is now mostly residential.

Panorama of Karlsruhe, looking south from the palace tower.

) is the second-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany, near the French-German border. The city is the seat of the two highest courts in Germany: the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice.

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The Stadtgarten is a recreational area near the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and was rebuilt for the 1967 Federal Garden Show (Bundesgartenschau). The Durlacher Turmberg has a look-out tower (hence its name).

It is a former keep dating back to the 13th century.

Karlsruhe is part of the urban area of Karlsruhe/Pforzheim, to which certain other towns in the district of Karlsruhe like Bruchsal, Ettlingen, Stutensee and Rheinstetten, as well as the city of Pforzheim belong.

The city was planned with the palace tower (Schloss) at the center and 32 streets radiating out from it like the spokes of a wheel, or the ribs of a folding fan, so that one nickname for Karlsruhe in German is the "fan city" (Fächerstadt). Because of this city layout, in metric geometry, Karlsruhe metric refers to a measure of distance that assumes travel is only possible along radial streets and along circular avenues around the centre.

Charles William founded the city on June 17, 1715, after a dispute with the citizens of his previous capital, Durlach.

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