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Weldon; 20s; Woman; Dx28; FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune; Studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity; Weldon Wellness; 2017-present Melissa Phillips’ Blog 20s; Woman; Dx20s; In a relationship; 2017-present A Little Off the Mark Woman; Dx28; 2016-present Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog 2012-2015 Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music 2011-2016 Autism, Lifestyle & Other Random Things!

21; Woman; Dx5; Anx, OCD, Dep; 2016-present Aspergers & the Alien 2010-present Aspiedebi Debi Brown’s Autism and Asperger Syndrome website; 2013-2014 hereirawr Mother; Dx18 ; 2012-present closetautism Woman; Dx30s; 2016-present A Grieving Autistic Adult 2017-present Autism’s gadfly “wants to find treatments and doesn’t need no stinkin’ neurodiversity”; 2008-present Saved Aspie 2008-2016 anarchistwithatoddler Mother of Autistic; Dx18 ; 2016-present Unlocking My Potential NSp teen son & NT mother; Dx4; 2017-present Her Autism 46; Mother of Autistic daughter (dep, anx, ADHD, OCD); Dx44; 2017-present A Is For Aoife Not Autism Woman, Dx23; 2017-present Autisticmotherland Mother of Autistic teenage son; Dx 18 ; 2016-present Just Keep Stimming!

All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

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Medium; 2017-present Defiantly Divergent 2014-2015 The Dependent Independent 2012-present A broom for my brain… Revolver] 32; Dx30; GAD; Dep; Single; 2009-present A Thinking Patient Twilah Hiari; 40s; Woman; Dx40s; Rejects validity of psychiatric diagnoses; 2015-present Asperger’s Issues 2010-present A View From The Sycamore Tree Mother of Autistics; 2009-present theasdgamerblog 60s; Dx50 ; Married; 2013-present Ali Caitrin Dx3; 2014-present theaspiewizard Woman; 2012-2013 Chic Gibson Father of Autistic son; Dx41; 2014-present Amber Bird Non-binary; 2008-present Gretchen Leary 30s; Woman; Dx23; Anx, dysautonomia, OCD, ADHD; Engaged to Autistic; Boston; 2012-present Kate Fox. K.; 2016-present aspergirlsanon 46; Woman; Dx44; Soon to be married; LGBT, UK; 2016-present AUTIST AT WORK Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep., GAD, PTSD, dyspraxic; infreq; Blogs about being autistic at work; UK; 2016-present Robert Watkins; 59; Father of NT daughter; Dx56; Anx, synesthesia; reinventing the workplace with/for autistics; 2016-present Cathlinn – A blog about art and creativity Woman; Dx28; ADHD, FB, LGBTQ , PTSD, Anx, SPD; In relationship with Autistic; Norwegian art student; 2016-present Comments From The Pecan Gallery 23; Woman; Dx17; Anx; Engaged; 2016-present Dreeny Blanc Dx18-; 2016-present Finally Knowing Me Dx45; Bipolar; Married; UK; 2016-present Flying yet falling Mother; Dx18 ; 2016-present Mal on Wire 2016-present Narcoleptic Aspie 49; Woman; Dx47; narcolepsy, ADHD, dysautonomia, POTS, ME, chronic illness, VSS; long-term relationship with NT; Twitter; 2016-present Native of Nowhere Dia Neighbors; 30s; Woman; Dx30s; alcoholism, GAD, GERD; Single; A late-diagnosed Southern woman smartly opines; 2016-present Neurodivergent Nicole 42; Mother of Autistic son (10; ADHD; homeschooled); Dx40s; Married to Autistic; Catholic school principal in Neurodiverse-friendly school; 2016-present Redefining Normal Woman; Dx4; 2016-present Sarah Kurchak 2016-present The A word without excuses Mother of Autistic; 2016-present The Artisanal, Cage-Free Human 30s; Parent of Autistic son and daughter and suspected Autistic daughter; Dx34; CPTSD, GAD; Married to Autistic; artist, writer, author, disability advocate, home educator; The Healing Heart Recovery From Abuse & Trauma Through The Arts; 2016-present The Autistinquisitor Rishav Banerjee; 19; Dx7; Psychology major; 2016-present The Cutting Cookies Circus Dominique Emma Flanigan; 44; Woman; Dx42; ADHD, Dyslexic; Single but determined to change that; Knitter/Crocheter, Peter Pan, Survivor; Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating, The Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide; 2016-present The Talentless Liar Woman; The Different Engine; 2016-present The Wandering Mind – Blog of Kay Want Cheung Mother of Autistic and NT teens; Dx46; Queensland, Australia; 2016-present Through 1 Filter 2016-present Actually Autistic London Woman; 2017-present An Aspie’s guide to the universe Dx18 ; 2017-present Arinarayne Takes on the World 2017-present Arty Aspie 50s; Woman; Dx50 ; EDS; UK based, poet, writer, crafter; 2017-present autism editorial 40s; Male; Dx30s; 2017-present caffeine & star stuff 21; Non-binary; Dx20; ADHD; 2017-present Counting the Ways 40s; Dx40s; single; My Window Seat; 2017-present disorders galore 27; Woman; Dx26; OCD, ADHD, GAD; Portland, Maine; self-advocacy; mental health professional; 2017-present Dmy Inspires Dx18-; 2017-present Homoaspien 30s; Mother; Dx18 ; ADHD, SPD; Married; Irish writer, dreamer, peace seeker; 2017-present i only came for the cake Non-binary; Dx36; OCPD; 2017-present Living Life on the Spectrum 2017-present luca luna Dx18 ; 2017-present Rebby’s Ratscape Rebecca; Woman; Dx10; Anx, OCD; Artist, Writer, Gamer; 2017-present Socially Awkward and Geeky Male; Dx18 ; 2017-present The Ageing Aspie 40s; Male; Dx46; anosmia; Married to NT; London, Mathematician; 2017-present The Ginger Adventures 26; Woman; Dx26; Dep; Married; Love cats and spreadsheets.

Hilda Steyn; 49; Mother of Autistic (suspected) daughter (23) and NT daughter (25); Dx48; ADHD, mild OCD; Married to NT; Yarn store owner with obsession for fibre and yarn; 2011-present North of Andover 45; Dx30s; PTSD, chronic pain; 2012-present Fenris’ Realm 20s; Male; Dx22; Anx, Dep; infreq; Scandinavia; 2017-present lawandmagic Caitlin Walsh; 31; Mother of NT daughter (1); Dx16; Married to Autistic (suspected); Long-term office temp worker; 2015-present Terra Roams The Happy Walk, Terra Roams; 2016-present Melusinian Musings Charlotte Smith; 22; Woman; Dx13; Anx, JHS, LGBTQ , SAD; UK blogger discussing autism, history, and fairies; 2017-present Eleanor’s Blog Dx46; Dep, colitis, arthritis; entire family is Autistic; 2011-present Just Add Tea Elizabeth; 30s; Woman; Dx34; Single; Teacher from Texas; 2012-present Jehoshabeath 2002-present Star Ford 49; Woman; Dx30s; A Field Guide to Earthlings; 1989-present Nik Sebastian Male; Dx18 ; LGBTQ ; artist/writer; Facebook, Patreon, You Tube, Twitter, Nik Sebastian’s Store, Pinterest; 2007-present Arianne’s work Woman; Dx25; 2016-present Aspie Catholic Jason Thayer; 42; Male; Dx18 ; Single; Roman Catholic; no political commentary; 2012-present The World We Create Woman; Dx20s; Dyspraxic; Married ; 2013-present Thoughts on life 2008-present Isza Kerr 33; Woman; Dx32; SPD, Anx, Dep, PTSD; Scotland , Artist, Writing; 2017-present Rainey Days Tumblr, Twitter; 2015-present Alan Christoph’s blog Male; 2017-present Chevs Life Mother of Autistic son with hearing loss; Dx30 ; Living and Parenting with Intent – Unmasking the Journey to Optimism; 2014-present I’d Rather Rescue Myself 2014-present Disability and Representation 2012-2014 J. Brown, Wordslinger 40s; Woman; Dx18 ; 2014-present The Psy of Life Parent of Autistic daughter (Anx); Dx48; Anx, FB, PDA; Married to NT; Snarky, sarcastic, and profane; 2016-present Mercy Endureth Forever 2011-present Autism Thoughts Thomas A. Mc Kean’s Web Site; 2006-2016 Outside In Uncommon Bostonian; 2008-present Website of Amber Black 2012-present EXPATLOG Mother of Autistic; Dx18 ; 2014-present megan rhiannon Woman; 2016-present My Ordered Disorder 2014-present Man in his Pyjamas Male; 2012-present Child-Led Chaos 2011-present MOONSIDE Ellen Stockdale Wolfe; 67; Woman; Dx30s & 50 ; bipolar; Married to Autistic; Sicilian, Yogananda, bisexuality, photography, poetry, spirituality; Ellen Stockdale Wolfe – Artwork Collections, Etsy; 2012-present Creative Writing Of A Baltimorean 2016-present Author Dahlia Donovan 2017-present The Liberal Aspie Cristina Alexander; 24; Woman; Dx18-; OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS; 2015-present Monique’s tips and techniques 2014-2016 Holding Patterns and High Tea Salem Leonard-Goosby; 40; Non-binary parent of 5 children 2-14 (all ND); Dx20s; Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), fibromyalgia, Anx; ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist; Facebook; 2011-present Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic) Letters To Autistic Kids; 2012-2015 [Oh. Tutor in Microsoft Office Suite.; 2017-present Too Many Tabs Woman; Dx18 ; Chewigem; 2017-present Triple AAA 2017-present Unicorn Steph 21; Dx12; Scotland; 2017-present Yinin’s Thoughts 24; Woman; Dx24; Dep; Married; recently Dx’d, still adjusting; 2017-present Atypical Perspectives 40s; Father of Autistic son and NT son; Dx30s; ADHD; Married to NT; extreme systematizer; 2018-present Diary of a Self Diagnosed Aspie Mom 30s; Mother of (suspected) Autistic son (11) and NT daughter (5) and son (1); Dx18 ; Married; abstract painter ; 2018-present djkirkby Woman; Dx40; BOOK REVIEWS, From Zaftig to Aspie; 2000-present Making It Up 40s; Woman; Dx40s; UK, home educator; Living otherwise, Choosing different; 2003-present Nightengale of Samarkand Live Journal; 2003-present Once in a Cobalt Moon 2003-present catsidhe Father; 2004-present Spiritual Equilibrium 2005-present The Clockwork Pastor The Clockwork Pastor; 2005-present Homo Autistic Male; 2006-present in regione caecorum rex est luscus 2006-present Sinking into Popular Thoughts NSp; 2006-present The Art of Being Asperger Woman Woman; Dx30s; 2006-present autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-present Locus Iohannis | Probable Aspergian Father; 2007-present Reward and Consent™ 2007-present Amy Gravino 2008-present An Aspie In Kentukia 30s; Woman; Dx4; bipolar I; Widowed; 2008-present ASParenting Parent of Autistics; 2008-present Lichen is my OT3 …………..

Pro-cure/anti-ND due to being shut out of a dream career (airline pilot) due to ASD diagnosis; 2016-present My Place in this World 30s; Male; Dx30s; God, nature, baseball, photography, writing, animals; 2017-present One Odd Duck 43; Father of NT daughter (11); Dx35; Anx, Dep, PTSD, alexithymia, physical disability; Married to NT; 2011-present Humble Lionesque 20s; Woman; Dx22; London: Creative: art, design, music, writing; 2016-present Age of Neurodiversity | The Future of Autism Greg Love; 30s; Father of Autistic twin son; Dx31; Dep, ADHD, dyscalculia; 2017-present Fire Bright Star Soul 1996-present aspergergarden Male; 2013-present Maranda Russell 35; Woman; Dx30; Dep, Anx, bipolar, ME, fibromyalgia; Married; Freelance writer and book reviewer; Dayton, Ohio; Writing, Art, Vlogging, Empathic/Sensitive; 2011-present Website of James Williams 29; Male; Dx3; hyperlexia, acid reflux; Single with no interest in dating; Northbrook, Illinois; 1996-2016 Radical Neurodivergence Speaking 2010-present Autistic & Unapologetic James Sinclair; 24; Male; Dx18-; Finding the Positive in Every Diagnosis; 2017-present THE AGEING AUTISTIC James Becker; 74; Dx70 ; 2017-present Autisticality Non-binary; Dx teens; UK; 2014-present Autistic Zebra Mother of Autistics; Dx18 ; 2015-present Mother; Dx35; The Pragmatic Aspie | Psychology Today; 2013-present Yes, That Too Alyssa Hillary, University of Rhode Island, Tumblr, Patreon; 2012-present Janepedia Liz Lawson; 26; Woman; Dx18-; allergies, Anx, chronic pain, DID, Dep, ED, HH, migraines, NSp (sometimes), OCD, psychosis, PTSD, self-harm, sensory sensitivities, Tourette’s, trichotillomania; Single; Dallas Metroplex; moderate cursing; 2012-present elizabethroderick Elizabeth Roderick; 40; Mother of daughter (suspected bipolar); Dx39; bipolar, PTSD, psychosis, addiction; Divorced from Autistic, in relationship with schizophrenic; Author and ND advocate; Elizabeth Roderick, Author/Editor, Facebook, Twitter; 2015-present Aspergers From The Inside Dx30; EMOTIONS EXPLAINED; 2014-present Ada Hoffmann Dx13; Tumblr; 2014-present Eclectic Autistic 45; Non-binary; Dx43; Married; 2016-present Because I’m cranky and autistic Woman; Dx11; 2017-present Aspie girl blog Woman; Dx45; OCD, Anx, mild anhedonia; Single; works doing phone surveys; near Tel Aviv, Israel; 2018-present Max’s shop of horrors 2014-present Journey Through Autism Teen Blog 16; Dx2; Home page; 2017-present A Heart Made Fullmetal 2010-present Jim’s Personal Autism Journal 30s; Male; Dx18-; Married (ADD); 2017-present Male; 2004-present Eating Off Plastic Dx16; 2013-present Feminist Aspie Woman; 2012-present Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism NSp son & NT mother; 2013-present Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 14; Male; Dx2; dyspraxia, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; advocate, NSp, Caucasian, Canadian; 2016-present Askpergers Male; 2014-present Welcome to My Wild Ride – Invisible Autistic Woman, Dx18 ; 2013-present Memoirs of a British aspie 22; Male; Dx20; GAD, LGBTQ , Dep; Single; Black student, UK Resident, piano player ; 2015-present Stim the Line Meesh; 30; Non-binary; Dx28; dysautonomia, POTS, ED; Married; Tumblr, 6-word-autism, Instagram; 2017-present Ashlea Mc Kay 2014-present Semiotic Spectrumite 2017-present Autistic Kitten Tumblr; 2012-present love shyness 2013-present Suburban Autistics Respectfully Connected | Ally Grace; 2012-present Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking NSp; 2012-present Walking with Kali Woman; Dx18 ; 2016-present The world through an alternative mindset Dx20s; 2016-present My World My Rules Dx18 ; 2017-present A Flickering Life 34; Male; Dx13; Anx, Dep; Arkansas; 2014-present Autism & Angels Woman; Dx35; 2010-2012 My Autistic Dance 44; Woman; Dx35 ; Anx, GAD, Dep, ED; 2011-present becca leah holden 27; Woman; Dx27; Dep, OCD, fibromyalgia, EDS; Manchester, UK; photography and art; 2017-present Stuart Neilson Male; Dx45; 2013-present Autism Culture Sif S.

Stewart-Ferrer; 32; Woman; Dx20s; Married to Aspie; holds MA (Philosohy major, Anthropology minor); Denmark; 2016-present Recovery Is Tough, But So Are You 2014-present Undercover Autie 28; Woman; Dx26; Living with partner; UK; 2017-present Autistickish 54; Father of son (6) and daughter (6, epilepsy); Dx53; Married; Humor and other opinions of an autistic man; 2017-present stompgal87blog 2016-present Aspiepriest Dx18 ; 2015-present Autism Is Individual 30s; Woman; Dx21; 2016-present Aspects of Aspergers Woman; 2010-2015 Niko Boskovic 16; Male; Dx3; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-present Twice Apart 30s; Male; Dx10-; Lyme; Single; ASD and chronic illness; 2017-present Cat in a dog’s world 2016-present Chiptunes 4 Autism Father of Autistic; Dx18 ; 2017-present Meanwhile, in the real world…

Van Gucht; 30; Male; Dx10; passionate about sports, acting, writing, and travel; 2014-present Dude, I’m An Aspie.

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