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Herseth Sandlin has used that speeding issue to help regain ground during a difficult campaign against a strong challenger, Rosenthal said. The political environment is terrible for her, so the Herseth Sandlin camp is looking for way to define the opponent,” Rosenthal said.

Since Herseth Sandlin had just one speeding citation on her state record in the past 21 years, the speeding issue was a logical one to push, he said. “So they get those driving records and say, ‘Geez, we’ve got one speeding ticket and she’s got 20, and she’s been negligent in varying degrees in paying them?

Whatever the highway or circumstances, Rosenthal said, Noem’s speeding history is “an issue that wins you no friends.

It only loses you votes.” But he also said it is not an election-defining factor, either.

Voters are watching and considering what such a driving history means, Herseth Sandlin campaign spokesman Russ Levsen said.

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