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You have a 50/50 chance with it, either they'll appreciate you being honest with them with how you feel and try something more exclusive with your OR they'll still appreciate your honesty with how you feel but respectfully decline but will continue on wanting to be friends. We get over it, but it hurts like hell while it's happening. the person might feel uncomfortable being around that best friend.

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It happens to a lot of people, and in the end you will be okay, but make sure to not belittle yourself or your feelings, because they are important, and try not to fall pitfall to the idea that something is wrong with you because there isn't.

It is simply an unfortunate situation without fault. I would tell you that everything will turn out great, but honestly, that's not the truth.

I've actually went through the whole falling in love with your best and straight friend when I was a teenager.

I don't think there's a rule on how to deal with this; it really depends on how that friendship works and if you feel you can stay friends without those feelings interfering.

Now that I've set that straight, you'll need to distance yourself from your best friend a little bit.

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