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by  |  09-Mar-2018 06:59

I pity these young women for never knowing heartbreak, because they’ll never use their hearts. Maybe we need to just abandon outdated concepts like romantic love and intimacy. The idea that having casual sex is wrong is your opinion.

Divorce, loneliness, bitterness, anger, resentment, depression, suicide, broken dreams, broken families, broken promises, broken people. But in society today, we are pooping on love, and glorifying SEX as the cure all! Not everyone forms relationships the same way, and not everyone is as afraid of being vulnerable the same either.

If I have never had children (and raised them myself) I would have never matured and learned that finally, the buck does stop here, some things do require you to put yourself on hold, and yes, there are things greater than yourself, Kunta Kinte :-)Without that, I would have been the equivalent to a Wall street trade; a fourteen year old ego in a suit.

I'm going to take a wild guess that millenials are going to laugh at a baby boomer 'splaining to them why they shouldn't get involved in free love.

It depends if you abstract the other 7,170,682,469 people from your view of the world or not...

How about busy with part time jobs to be able to pay your way through?

I could not serve three masters, nor "have it all".

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