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At my first milonga (tango dance hall) I was amazed at how calm the dancers where, most of whom had an expression of bliss on their faces.

It was only when I started dancing that I discovered why; beautiful inner peace and connection to my body.

Indeed, tango taught me that I enjoy the embrace and the physicality of dancing with someone so closely.

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Of course, it helped that I was dancing with lovely Latin men, but the fission I experienced was with myself.

Dancing allowed me to be that care-free flirt and taught me to rediscover that long-lost part of me.

As I can attest, it’s not uncommon to come out of a marriage feeling about as sexy as a bag of potatoes.

Rejected, replaced and remanded to a single-parenting sentence, exploring your inner goddess is not really top of the priority list.

To get my body moving in a safe, sensual way was like opening a door to myself I had kept shut for a long time. Most people just go to a local class, but part of embracing my new life was to give myself adventures out of my comfort zone. Tango sometimes comes across as an aggressive, dramatic dance with stomping feet and roses clenched in teeth.

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