dating broward county - The fatal flaw with radioactive dating methods

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The procedure was conducted on a sample only forty percent of which was taken from the original ancient linen cloth.The remaining sixty percent consisted of cotton fibers dating from the Middle Ages—fibers that had been used to mend the part of the Linen in question. Rogers of the Los Alamos National Laboratory of the University of California.

In the case of the Shroud we are dealing with the linen fibers out of which the fabric is woven.

For as long as the plant, animal, or person is alive, the level of radioactive C14 isotope within it remains constant, since a natural exchange of the element occurs through the feeding process.

The C14 dating experts completely ignored the findings of other specialists from other scientific disciplines who consistently assigned the Shroud to the times of Christ. Those who disagree with us should consider joining the Flat Earth Society.” Mass media organs throughout the world began eagerly and sensationally to spread the news that scientists had proven the medieval origins of the Shroud, and that it was a forgery.

And so they continue to do today, profiting from every occasion to spread this false information.

The world learned that there was 95% certainty the Shroud originated in the Middle Ages, dating from 1260–1390.

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