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Previously having been paired with a female that discarded him for a younger male, Grape-kun would stare at the standee for hours and it needed to be removed for him to eat.

It is thought that he was exhibiting courtship behavior to the standee.

Experts on Oscar Fish recommend keeping only a maximum of two fish per 125-gallon tank. Always give your fish more room than you think they need. All aquariums must have a working filter that is kept on at all times except during cleaning or maintenance.

Filters remove solid debris, waste products and ammonia.

Yes, it feels good to be wanted and the relationship starts out smoothly. On the second date, I invited her to join me for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. At the end of our relationship, I was reminded of the many red flags she that came up.

My first official date meeting with a serial dater was at a Starbuck Coffee Shop. This was a wake-up call to me and was an experience I will remember for a lifetime.

She explained: 'If they're buying multiples of the same item, they are going to be flagged, [but] there's a difference between understanding why they would want to protect their brand and feeling like the way they reacted is understandable - it's not.

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