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Types of dating abuse

One NIJ-funded study examined the prevalence of dating violence among 5,647 teens (51.8 percent female, 74.6 percent Caucasian) from 10 middle schools and high schools (representing grades 7-12) throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. "Partner Violence Among Adolescents in Opposite-Sex Romantic Relationships: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health." 91 (October 2001): 1679-1685.

Findings indicated that within the past year: The study also specifically examined dating violence rates among teens who had dated within the past year (66 percent of total teens; n = 3,745).

However, this can quickly become intrusive and harassing.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend’s behavior in this area bothers you or raises red flags, ask them to stop.

Although abuse can manifest in many different ways within sexual and romantic relationships, abusive behaviors are about taking away power and control from another person by choosing to act without respect or care for their health and safety.

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