Updating primary key

by  |  23-Jan-2018 13:03

Ben again I know I should post my system info here but it keeps changing and I can never remember what it is, so I only look it up when I ask a question.

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Hypothetically, procedures are then put in place to only generate the large tables' indices after hours and everybody lived happily ever after.

Ben again Just to set the record straight, the poster (who works with me) wants to update a primary key using Table IO in an event rule.

The sql statement he wants to execute would look like "update table1 set field1 = 'XYZ' where field1 = 'ABC'".

The problem is the table IO wizard only allows you to use an = sign for the where clause or an arrow sign for the set clause when he needs both.

And so you hit the generate indexes button and wait for the regeneration to be done. your indices would be wiped out and so what happens with all the HYPOTHETICAL users in Sales Order processing?

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