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The author presents a newly designed theoretical framework for the study of the relationship between cultural values and successful aging, value orientations regarding relational modes (i.e.

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There are roles that intensify (such a s homemaker), diminish (for example worker, parent, spouse, lover), intensify with special effort (e.g. [2010] Mobility in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Framework In: The Gerontologist, 50(4): 443-450. Mobility is fundamental to active aging and is intimately linked to health status and quality of life.

active citizen), or emerge for the first time (carer of a grandchild or parent). Although there is widespread acceptance regarding the importance of mobility in older adults, there have been few attempts to comprehensively portray mobility, and research has to a large extent been discipline specific.

Conclusion: there is no indication of a retirement-consumption puzzle but of a planned behavioral change in a new phase of life.

Vidovićová, Lucie [2018] New Roles for Older People In: Journal of Population Ageing, pp 1-6.

With retirement, major changes take place in the food-related time use.

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