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She then realizes how Miss Zarves’ system works: assign lots of work so the students have no time to think; make them memorize stupid things so that they forget what’s important; and give good grades no matter what to keep them happy.

Wayside School is Falling Down is an 1989 children's novel by American author Louis Sachar, and the second book in his Wayside School series.

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Wendy has an ear on top of her head that can hear thoughts.

Wendy attempts throwing it out the window-but not before listening to its thoughts.

Another Story About Socks: Sharie brings in a hobo named Bob for show-and-tell.

In fact, the voice he used when he first appeared was stolen from a Scotsman 20 years previously, and his real voice sounds like a French donkey with a sore throat.

Another Story About Potatoes: Joe orders some potato salad from Miss Mush.

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