Webcam discret

by  |  11-Mar-2018 12:07

Don’t forget to add a tissue coming out of the top for maximum inconspicuousness.

It’s easy to use a blank double switch plate to secure and hide your Nest Cam right in the wall.

It’s much more appealing, and discrete than leaving it sitting out in the open.

Typically, burglars don’t stop to peruse your book collection, so hiding your Nest Cam among similarly colored books and clutter is a great way to conceal it.

You won’t need to ask your neighbor to come over and check on your house or the life-status of your potted plant while you’re away if you hide your Nest Cam in one of these bad boys. Hiding your Nest Cam in a plush toy is the modern — and much cuter — way to disguise your security camera.

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