West indian dating

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We did so much liming, eating, drinking, sharing, helping, laughing and ole talking. They remain some of the best examples of young Caribbean and West Indian men I have ever encountered beyond my brother, cousins and my few longtime friends.So when I read some of those Caribbean man lists, sure, they seem a bit cheesy and overly simplistic in some ways, but I cannot say they don’t ever somewhat describe some of the men I know and have grown to love.

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But because I am a Trini with an accent — it ends up affording me some cultural capital because right away the voice says, she is not from here.

As a just-black-looking woman in contrast to the ‘soft’ hair, brown or mixed-up aesthetic that floats around the racial imaginings of many people (like, so many people) about Trinidadians, it gets quite interesting.

Men from the ghetto and the country with razored edges and tender spots below the surface.

As a dark-skinned black woman with natural hair, the Eurocentrism and colourism of desire and desirability is well known to me.

Niche dating apps have become popular among singles who long to find a partner who shares their same cultural heritage.

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