Who is adam duritz dating

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It takes art and craft to turn self-absorption into platinum sales – the record married Duritz’s introspecive melancholy lyrics with instantly catchy melodies that invoked everyone from the Band and the Eagles to Springsteen and Van Morrison.

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The reality, as we’ll see, did not quite turn out that way.

Counting Crows are about to embark on their first British tour in four years.

[on his hair style] I spent my life looking in the mirror and thinking, I don't get it - that's not me.

The first time I got dreads, I caught my reflection in a window.

He is also possibly the only man alive who can start a sentence with the words: “I dated a couple of girls who were in Friends.” That doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend time, but Duritz claims his reputation as a ladies man is more myth than fact.

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