Who is cato dating in the hunger games dating anxieties

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Glimmer - District 1 Played by: Leven Rambin Hunger Games death/memorable moments: In the brutal world of the Hunger Games, physical attractiveness was just another weapon: an asset that could be exploited to win life-saving sponsors.

Glimmer, a trained "career" from District 1, certainly knew this.

Trapped, Katniss sawed a nest filled with venomous, hornet-like tracker jackers from the branches, and let it fall on to the group below.

Glimmer was stung to death, her body left hideously disfigured. Rambin, who has previously appeared in television series such as All My Children and Grey’s Anatomy, was in the second season of of True Detective, playing Rachel Mc Adams’s sister.

Rated M for violence, language, and Cato's attempts to win over the Girl on Fire. Katniss has eleven soulmates present in the 75th hunger games. Katniss goes into the games prepared but all the training in the world could not have prepared her for the monstrous boy from District 2.

What if when Katniss ran into someone in the woods in the beginning of the games, and it wasn't Foxface. This is a collection of oneshots, each 500 words, describing scenes of ships in The Hunger Games you never thought possible.

Despite knowing that they will have to kill each other if one of them hopes to win, they can't help themselves.

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