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Back to work Ji Wook can’t stop thinking about who the person who stole the fabricated evidence from his house and tipped the prosecutors is.

She had come to see her daughter and her daughter’s co-workers. But the two mother starts acting childish, arguing and bickering that they don’t approve with their children dating. ” Ji Wook and Bong Hee spend the night together and in the morning Ji Wook has a shocking surprise.

He wakes up and sees a picture with Bong Hee and her father.

Episode 28 For the first time since they started dating, Bong Hee and Ji Wook went on a date. He wants to introduce Bong Hee to his mother, but Bong Hee covers her face and runs away. Bong Hee didn’t treat Ji Wook’s mother really well and she is scared to meet Ji Wook’s mother now.

They play different games and Bong Hee won every one of them. Arrived home, Ji Wook and his mother met Bong Hee’s mother.

But I completely changed my mind, when I saw her in "Healer". U look so cute have watched all your films and I adore u in all, u are my number one Korea actress, pls don't stop smiling, you rock girl, I'm practicing to be always happy as you. First, I'd like to say what wonderful growth you've shown in your acting skills and ability to move my heart in your drama Healer. we always love you, Success...min young Park min young, thank you for your wonderful acting in healer. nobody asked you to do so, you're f**king pathetic. I wish A BIG SUCCESS for you PARK MIN YOUNG and your upcoming drama HEALER.....

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